Expert Liquidators

Excess Technologies offers liquidation services for multiple product categories through multiple sales channels.  Our modular inventory liquidation services leverage our warehouse infrastructure, the internet, and our extensive proprietary buyer’s database network for reselling most types of excess inventory.   Whether we purchase the Surplus Inventory directly from our client, or liquidate the inventory on behalf of our client our services are tailored to meet our client’s needs, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


Leveraging our proprietary database of thousands of wholesale buyers as well as other strategic online and offline sales channels we will liquidate our client’s excess inventory under the Excess Technologies brand.  This provides clients with a low profile strategic approach to avoid channel conflict with their more traditional distribution channels and protects our client’s brand.  With the database, our online liquidator channels, as well as our traditional offline channels, our integrated liquidation service model allows us to reach a massive buying network providing extensive new complimentary sales channels for your surplus inventory.  Please call 1-678-894-3824 to learn more!