About Us

Excess Technologies is a global multi-channel liquidator providing designers, inventors, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, banks and trustees with turnkey alternatives for disposing of most types of General Merchandise inventory. Our name was derived from the fact that we use Advanced Technology to sell Excess Inventory, hence Excess Technologies. The company also has a bulk liquidation web site called HotCloseout.com, created to liquidate large volumes of inventory to our database of thousands of registered wholesale buyers. Excess Technologies is headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with contract warehouse locations throughout the U.S. The company has engaged in hundreds of liquidation programs with all size companies, from retail stores, manufacturers, and small businesses, to Fortune 500 accounts.

Excess Technologies began liquidating products in 2001, directly buying inventory or offering services for liquidating multiple product categories, including electronics, fashion & apparel, sporting goods, toys, home improvements, gifts, HBA, cosmetics, licensed goods, and more. We also have a separate division that specializes in the liquidation of Fashion & Apparel, Store Reset & Buyback programs, and Charity Donation programs.

Excess Technologies was created to address today’s challenges inherent in inventory liquidation:

  • Gain higher product recovery values than traditional brokers/liquidators.
  • Maintain a broad focus on various types of General Merchandise products.
  • Be strategic in how products are sold as it relates to brand protection, and minimizing channel conflict by avoiding our client’s more traditional sales channels.
  • Employ the highest level of integrity and professionalism at all times.
  • Provide multiple service offerings to meet any client needs, including purchasing inventory, as well as, selling or brokering products on behalf of our clients.

Excess Technologies utilizes outsourcing to reduce overhead and expenses, including contract warehouse and fulfillment centers.  Our outsourcing approach, combined with our vast internal proprietary database of buyers, allows us to run a technology driven streamlined operation. Excess Technologies has a stellar industry reputation and a very high Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B) rating as well.

The senior management team for Excess Technologies is built around the highest level of integrity, with extensive experience in the area of inventory management.

Tara Slaski

President, Excess Technologies LLC

Tara Slaski, the President of Excess Technologies LLC, was with FLSmidth Inc. and Specialty Minerals Inc. prior to joining the company.  Ms. Slaski has an extensive background in Business Development, Data and Information Technology Analysis & Implementation.  As a facilitator within prior organizations, Ms Slaski was able to bring together the necessary groups of people to implement changes with the companies where previously employed.   She also played key roles in the expansion and marketing of these organizations.  In Ms. Slaski’s own words, “I am a very detailed oriented person, who likes working with people or groups, bringing them together and helping them achieve their goals!  Excess Technologies was founded to provide internet based liquidation channels for companies with excess fashion, home improvement, and electronic related products!  What a perfect match!”


If you are a Seller of products and would like us to consider buying your inventory or selling it for you, please click here for our various liquidation solutions. If you are a Buyer, and would like to be added to our buyer’s database for product alerts please click here.  Finally, if you are looking to purchase products please visit Hotcloseout.com or FashionLiquidations.com.



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