Auction and Disposition Management

End-to-End Liquidation Process

Excess Technologies will manage the complete end-to-end liquidation process across our network of off-price retail chains and online B2B auction marketplaces. We will also utilize our vast internal wholesale buyer’s database that we email product deals to weekly. If we take physical possession of your inventory, all fees including storage, fulfillment, and selling expenses are included in a flat commission rate, providing us with an incentive to maximize the return value of your inventory. We can also broker entire inventory lots to our buyer’s at a reduced drop ship fee if the whole lot can be sold as a single purchase.  To learn more please call 1-678-894-3824.

Disposition Management

For online auction liquidation services, we provide a turnkey process that maximizes the value of your products sold by leveraging our warehouse infrastructure and our on-line surplus listing networks.

Turnkey Auction Management Process

To get started, simply contact us to discuss your current liquidation opportunity. We will use our marketplace tools and pricing database to quickly analyze your product inventory and provide you with strategic recommendations on how to execute and manage the turnkey disposition process, including pricing and channel information, fulfillment options, and a disposition timeline.

For General Merchandise or Fashion & Apparel you can call to speak with us directly at 1-678-894-3824, or e-mail the inventory information requested in the Product Acquisition section to:

To learn even more about our  Fashion & Apparel products only Click here or call 1-678-894-3824.